Friday Night Live Makes a Difference for Youth and Communities

Friday Night Live and Club Live gives young people a place to build partnerships and become active leaders in their communities. Learn more about the California Friday Night Live Partnership here.
I've learned to be a better, more interactive member in my community. I have learned to problem solve and discuss certain topics with peers. I have also felt more welcome within my community, feeling able to come out and to about any problems. 
Current Napa County FNL Chapters include New Technology High School, Valley Oak High School, Vintage High School, Justin-Siena High School, American Canyon High School, Calistoga Junior-Senior High School, Silverado Middle School, Browns Valley Elementary and Middle School with 100 student participants. Our chapters are dedicated to empowering youth, promoting healthy lifestyles, and preventing substance abuse through youth-led initiatives, education, and community engagement.
Friday Night Live (FNL) is a program for high school students to empower youth-driven and youth-led projects that improve the lives of young people and their communities. 
Club Live (CL) is an extension of the FNL program for middle school students to foster resilience, build positive relationships, and empower youth-driven community change. 
Friday Night Live Kids is designed for elementary school-aged youth in 4th through 6th grade. It incorporates the teaching of critical life skills such as leadership skills, character development, critical thinking, decision-making, and refusal skills while providing participants with the value of membership and belonging. 
Standards of Practice
FNL programs are designed so that participants will experience the following:
  1. Safe Environment
  2. Caring and Meaningful Relationships
  3. Community and School Engagement
  4. Leadership and Advocacy
  5. Skill Development

SEL Mini Summit 

The SEL Mini Summit was a full-day event at American Canyon High School in collaboration with the Solano County Friday Night Live Program. This event brough together a diverse range of talents. Participants delved into workshops covering important topics such as youth mental health, stress reduction, painting and spoken word. This event fostered personal and communal well-bring through a blend of activities and education! 

Red Ribbon Week

During Red Ribbon Week, students took the initiative to spread awareness and start conversations on the importance of living a drug free lifestyle. Through student led school events, students spread the message of drug prevention. This week served as a reminder to peers to lead a drug-free lifestyle and empower the others to do the same! 

Healthy Relationships 

February is Healthy Relationship Month, in celebration FNL students organize lunchtime activities that aim to spread awareness about the importance of healthy relationships! 
Youth Voices
I've enjoyed countless things about Club Live. One of the things I enjoyed most is that everyone gets to participate in helping the community, and it gives a person opportunity to be a sort of leader in their community as well. In addition, playing fun games and socializing with other people were also some things I highly enjoyed at Club Live.

FNL really connected me with my community. Events such as voter trainings, mock city council meetings, and guest speakers we get to listen to allowed me to address the problems in our community. Through FNL, I feel like I have a voice, and I also get to meet amazing people.

I enjoyed the environment my team members and I were able to create. It gave me a sense of accomplishment because we were able to educate the youth about the downsides to drugs and alcohol. We were also able to participate in fun games and create a community. 
School Involvement
Participating schools within Napa County organize and promote events and activities that focus on various aspects of health and wellness, including underage drinking, mental health awareness, community service, and positive youth development. Friday Night Live chapters work closely with law enforcement agencies and local community-based organizations to coordinate their initiatives.
Data & Reports
Feedback from Youth
This chart shows the percent of participants that "Agree to Strongly Agree” that Friday Night Live and Club Live are meeting the programs goals described by the Standards of Practice.
"I enjoyed meeting new people in my school because I would never have met them before.”
“Being in FNL is important to me because it gives me opportunities to give back to my school community in a positive way.”
Ethnicity or Cultural Background
Friday Night Live and Club Live programs continue to serve diverse youth.
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Youth Summit 
The annual FNL Youth Summit will be something to talk about! Over 700 youth and adult attendees will gather in Anaheim, California to connect and learn from each other, as well as have the opportunity to hear from many wonderful keynote speakers and partner organizations! This will be an unforgettable experience that will launch a year of community-changing and life bettering projects throughout the state!
Program Alumni 
Calling all recent FNL grads! If you'd like to be featured on our website, we invite you to reach out and share your stories with us! 
Friday Night Live Page Designer
Faizah Lodhi
Hi everyone! I am a recent graduate from Sacramento State, working at the Napa County Health & Human Services Agency for full-time, on-site work through the California Pathways into Public Health (Cal-PPH) Fellowship Program led by the California Department of Public Health, the University of California, San Francisco, and the University of California, Los Angeles. My passion for public health comes from wanting to help build a healthier future for everyone as well as promoting community well-being!